Summer 2009 Videoconference Class Submission

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Deadline: May 4, 2009

MOREnet members wishing to schedule videoconference classes for the summer 2009 session must submit their class schedules to MOREnet Video Services by Monday, May 4, 2009. To view the complete list of deadlines for the summer 2009 session, please see Deadlines and Important Dates.

Only originating sites should submit class schedules. Each class should be submitted on a separate Videoconference Scheduling Form. For additional information about scheduling classes and ad hoc video events, see Scheduling a Videoconference.

Course Testing

Summer 2009 classes will be scheduled on the MOREnet bridge to start one week prior to the actual class start time to enable advance course testing. One week prior to class start, endpoints will be able to connect and test during the hours a class is scheduled to meet. (In response to member requests, advance testing the week before classes begin is no longer mandatory.) Organizations are welcome and encouraged to conduct testing with their scheduled participants. NOTE: Non-validated endpoints will still be required to validate, but this doesn’t have to been done during the week before classes begin.

Conditions of Use

Before scheduling any video event and to ensure a quality video experience, please review MOREnet’s Videoconferencing Conditions of Use statement. By submitting an event request, you agree to these conditions of use.

MOREnet Video Services looks forward to assisting you with your summer videoconferencing events.