Fort D - Cape Girardeau

Current Vendor Video Software Versions

Polycom HDX Series

Polycom HDX Version Release Notes  (April 2013).

Attention Security warning for all HDX all units not upgraded to Version

Polycom VSX and V Series

Polycom V Series Version Release Notes  (November 2010)

Polycom RPX Series

Polycom RPX Version 3.1 Release Notes (Dec 2012)

Polycom OTX Series

Polycom OTX Series Version 3.1 Release Notes (Dec 2012)

Polycom TPX Series

Polycom TPX Series Version 3.1 Release Notes (Dec 2012)

Polycom ATX Series

Polycom ATX Series Version 3.1 Release Notes (Dec 2012)

Polycom CMA Desktop

Polycom CMA Desktop Version 5.2.5.Release Notes  (April 2013)

Polycom PVX

Polycom PVX Version 8.0.4 Release Notes (June 2007)

lycom ViewStation


Polycom ViewStation 7.5.4 Release Notes (April 21, 2005)


Polycom ViewStation 6.0.5 Release Notes (Nov. 29, 2005)

Polycom iPower Series

Polycom iPower 9000 6.2.0 Release Notes (Mar 26, 2004)

Tandberg MXP Series

Tandberg MXP Version F9.0.2 (January 2011)