Teaching and Learning

In today’s educational environment, teachers, administrators and faculty have to focus on meeting a variety of needs for their learners and communities. It’s not just about providing a lesson plan, and we have moved far beyond chalkboards. Now it is about meeting high expectations, declared standards and accommodating a wide variety of learning styles. We have to customize curricula to meet specific needs, offer technology we have never dreamed of learning to use ourselves and deploy e-learning as a commonplace practice in classrooms.

As teachers we are constant learners; we must stay abreast of all the latest trends technology has to offer. We learn new, complex tools over our summer vacation and learn how to do more than just plug in a device and hit the on button. In libraries, we train our staff and end-users to use online tools at an increasingly rapid rate.

MOREnet is dedicated to helping all of its members meet their organization's needs by focusing on two very important, ongoing endeavors when it comes to the changing world of technology and education: Teaching and Learning.

MOREnet’s Teaching and Learning solution offers services and tools to teach teachers what they need to move around this digital world. It is also focused on the student: the teacher as the student and the student itself. MOREnet offers training, online resources, webinars and interactive tools to help both teachers learn, teachers teach each other and, most importantly, teachers adapt in the digital learning environment to offer the best tools students need to keep them engaged and learning at the speed of light!

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