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Technical Information

MOREnet's Internet2 Routing Policy

MOREnet has never officially documented its routing policy. Past and current routing techniques have been primarily based on geographic boundaries; Internet connections in a regional hub have been the preferred ingress/egress points for customers served in that region with other regional connections serving as backup paths. Having been presented at various member meetings in the past, this strategy is fairly well understood in the MOREnet community. The techniques have worked well and no changes are anticipated regarding MOREnet's Internet1 routing implementation. However Internet2 activities have introduced some new complexities.

For more information, see the routing strategy that supports the MOREnet community participating in Internet2 activities document.

Bandwidth Increase?

The current physical connections that MOREnet customers have to the MOREnet backbone will remain unchanged unless the site specifically requests and acquires additional bandwidth. Sites will need to evaluate the applications that they expect to use and determine the network requirements that will allow those applications to work well. To appropriately take advantage of the capabilities that I2 provides, sites may need to explore upgrading their existing network infrastructures.

MOREnet's backbone connection to Internet2 is through the GigaPoP located in Kansas City and supported by the Great Plains Network (GPN), a consortium of Great Plains states dedicated to supporting scientific research through the use of networking technology. Members of the GPN include Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma and South Dakota. GPN has an OC-12 (622 Mbps) link to the Internet2 Abilene network.

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