University of Missouri TelePresence Scheduling

There are currently six telepresence rooms on the University of Missouri campuses. Columbia, Rolla, Kansas City and Saint Louis each have one large, three-screen Cisco TelePresence room. MOREnet, located on the west side of Columbia, has a single screen Cisco TelePresence room. Columbia also has second unit which is a large single screen system located at Uhall. Telepresence conferences between these rooms can be scheduled via your Outlook calendar (Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm) and require no additional action. If you have a meeting that is required outside the duty hours, you will need to call MOREnet at 573-884-6986. MOREnet Video will then schedule the requested meeting for you.


Instructions for Scheduling Calls Outside the University of Missouri TelePresence Systems*

There are two methods available to connect to Cisco telepresence units outside of the university:

  1. The AT&T Telepresence Gateway
    1. Only one University of Missouri TelePresence room at a time is able to connect to the AT&T Telepresence Gateway. There can be a total of eight telepresence rooms on a call, including the single room from the University of Missouri.
  2. The University of Missouri’s own exchange.
    1. MOREnet and the university are in the process of establishing Cisco TelePresence connections to institutions that connect to the University of Missouri via other research and education networks. For these meetings, multiple University of Missouri TelePresence rooms will be able to participate with multiple institutions.

Please contact MOREnet Video Support via e-mail at or by phone at (573) 884-6986, and we will be happy to discuss the options and do our best to help identify remote telepresence rooms that you wish to have participate. However, this is a manual process and can take several days to track down options. We also recommend a test call well in advance of your conference.

Currently, there is no global directory of telepresence rooms. Cisco, AT&T and other institutions are working to address this demand. The University of North Carolina has set up a self-serve directory that any institution with Cisco telepresence can elect to register to. The directory is new and currently has only a few units registered, but is a place to start. See for more information.

The following are the critical steps required to create a conference to telepresence rooms outside the University of Missouri.

  1. Schedule your University of Missouri TelePresence room on your Outlook calendar at least three business days in advance.
    1. Using Outlook's Global Address Book, select one of the following rooms.
      1. TelePresence MU Ellis Library 106A
      2. TelePresence MU UMSL JC Penney 61
      3. Telepresence UMKC Admin Center 210
      4. TelePresence S&T Curtis Laws Wilson Library 201A
      5. TelePresence MOREnet 206B
  2. You will receive an e-mail from Outlook accepting your meeting.
  3. You will also receive an automated e-mail stating: “Your Cisco TelePresence meeting is NOT CONFIRMED.” Click here see an example of this e-mail.
  4. The e-mail referenced above is your cue to download the gateway exchange request form

    Download the scheduling form. (Excel file; 88 KB)


    Fill out the scheduling form online.

  • Fill out all the requested information.
    1. The requested start and end times are exact! If you think additional time will be required, please schedule a longer period. Once the call begins, the end time cannot be modified.
    2. One form is required for each conference. For repetitive conferences, it may be easier to save the Excel form locally.
  • If you've filled out the Excel form, e-mail it to Click Submit on the online form.
    1. The MOREnet Video group will create a help desk ticket under your name, and you will receive an e-mail indicating that the request was received.
    2. MOREnet will then build your conference and create a calendar event on the University of Missouri TelePresence room phone.
  • Within 24 hours, you will receive a conference confirmation. In addition, the participants listed on the conference request form will also receive the conference dial-in number and PIN for use by the sites outside of the University of Missouri.
    1. NOTE: Your conference will appear on the relevant TelePresence room phone calendar. Sites outside of the University System will need to dial-in to the conference with the number and pin provided. It will not appear on their calendars.

University Telepresence Websites

*TelePresence users should be aware that on rare occasions, their scheduled meeting may be pre-empted to accommodate senior university officials. If this does occur, we will make every effort to reschedule your meeting and/or make arrangements for a non-TelePresence video conference or an audio conference in the original time slot.