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Troubleshooting Polycom

Before You Call

Before you call, help us help you more effectively by collecting this information first.

Is the Polycom system connected to 115/120VAC?

This cable is from a grounded wall outlet to a transformer-type power supply and connects to the Polycom as a 5-pin round DIN plug. A green light on the front of the Polycom unit indicates power is on after you have flipped the power switch on the back of the unit.

Is the microphone cable connected?

The microphone cable should be connected to the brown-colored RJ-11 port on the Polycom system. This cable resembles a telephone cable.

Are the video and audio cables connected correctly?

The cables should be connected to both the Polycom and the television monitor you are using. Colors on the Polycom and television should match.

  • Audio connections: Red and white
  • Video connection: Yellow
Are the Ethernet cables connected?

Check that the Ethernet cables are connected at both the Polycom unit and at the Ethernet switch. The Ethernet connection is labeled in orange. The Polycom system is compatible only with 10 MB Ethernet networks, so you must use either an auto-sensing 10/100 switch or a straight 10 MB switch to connect it to your network.

What does the camera show?

Is the camera lens directed toward the videoconference participants? Or is the camera directed at a blank wall?

Remember, if you are first to connect to a conference, you will see yourself in loopback until another site connects.

Are the correct IP settings entered?

Check for the correct address, subnet mask, DNS and IP gateway in setup.

  1. Press MENU on the remote
  2. Choose System Info > Admin Setup
  3. Enter the correct information in the fields: Setup, LAN\H.323, LAN\Intranet.
  4. Enter the proper IP settings for your location
  5. Exit Admin Setup.

If you are not sure of the numbers for your location, ask your System Administrator for the proper IP configuration for your Polycom.

Do you have the right settings for the kind of call you want to make?
  1. Check the settings under System Info > Admin Setup:
    Setup, LAN\H.323, Dialing Speeds.
  2. For H.323, using the remote, highlight (with a check mark) only the 384 setting under Ipx64. Do not highlight the settings under Nx64.
  3. If any other settings are checked, remove the check mark.
  4. Exit Setup and Diagnostics.
Important! - Browser Check

You can use a Web browser such as Netscape or Internet Explorer to verify that your Polycom is working and connected to your network.

  1. Open your browser
  2. Go to File > Open
  3. Enter the IP address of your Polycom system in octet format (for example:

If your network and Polycom system are working correctly, this procedure should bring up a Welcome webpage that displays your Polycom system name.