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Update from June 18 MOREnet Council Meeting

Friday, June 18, 2010

In today’s meeting, the MOREnet Council discussed the impact of the $6.8 million dollar funding reduction facing MOREnet in FY11. This appropriation specifically funded the cost of the MOREnet network for all members and connectivity to the network for public K-12 school districts and public higher education members. The Council unanimously agreed to continue operations for all MOREnet provided services and to preserve the MOREnet consortium by implementing member fee increases and a budget reduction. MOREnet will address nearly 20 percent of the reduction by further reducing its operating budget, and the remainder will be recovered via member fee increases.

Our top priority will be to work individually with DESE, the Missouri State Library and the MERC Board over the next week to finalize an adjusted fee schedule for each member group. Our goal is to notify members and publish revised fee schedules by July 1.

We realize many budgets have already been submitted or will be reviewed and finalized in the very near future. We also realize many organizations will find fee increases challenging as they deal with reductions themselves. MOREnet will make every effort possible to provide this information to each individual member’s institutional representative as quickly as possible for planning purposes.

MOREnet is pleased with the unison echoed among the Council members in today’s meeting. Forging ahead as a consortium in the short-term will allow the Council and MOREnet leadership to thoughtfully adjust MOREnet’s business model in the coming months and to define a long-term strategy for maintaining and increasing value and preserving the membership.

Since our member announcement yesterday, many members have contacted MOREnet staff or their elected officials directly. Many members have also completed the Value Assessment worksheet and are finding amazing results, some as high as $10 of value for every dollar spent with MOREnet. Thank you for your concerns regarding the significant expenditure restriction to MOREnet’s FY11 appropriation provided through House Bill 3.

For reference materials about MOREnet and its funding sources, visit

Should you have any questions, please contact your Program Manager or me. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your support.