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Video Meeting Room Service

MOREnet’s Video Meeting Room service makes setting up impromptu online meetings easy. This service is designed to provide quick access to meetings and events and does not require the 48-hour advance notice needed to set up regularly scheduled classes or events.

Meeting Rooms are set up on a first-come, first-served basis until all resources are in use. Up to six sites may participate in each Meeting Room conference. The default conference length is two hours. A Meeting Room event will begin when the first participant dials in and automatically terminate after the last person disconnects from the room or after two hours, whichever comes first.

Meeting Room conferences are provided through IP-based H.323 video, transmitted at 384 Kbps. Only previously validated and tested IP codecs may use these rooms. No ISDN service is offered in the Meeting Room environment.

Video Meeting Rooms are available to MOREnet members at no additional cost.

To request access to a Meeting Room, call MOREnet Video Services on the day you need the room. Video Services staff will configure the room during the phone call and give you instructions to forward to the other participants.