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MOREnet Videoconferencing Conditions of Use

MOREnet and its members who use the MOREnet videoconferencing service make a mutual commitment to provide the best possible videoconferencing class or event experience for all participants. Members participating in the MOREnet videoconferencing service accept the following conditions of use.

  • Videoconferencing sites will validate their video units with MOREnet at least 24 hours before participating in any video event.
  • Videoconferencing sites will dial in during the pretest time before the start of each videoconference to perform an audio-video check of their equipment with the other sites involved in the videoconference.
  • Each videoconferencing site will have an individual trained in operation of the local site's equipment available on site for troubleshooting during all events.
  • Sites will have a local network expert available to address network problems during all events.
  • After making any configuration change to its video unit, firewall or network, a site will validate its video unit with MOREnet before participating in any videoconferencing event.

Removal from an Event

MOREnet may enter a videoconference at any time to ensure a quality experience for event participants. If a problem at a participating site is found to be disrupting the quality of the videoconference for other participants, MOREnet may remove the disrupting site from the current and future events until the problem is resolved. The following process will be followed:

  • If a participating site recognizes that difficulties at another site are adversely impacting the event, it will contact the originating site about the problem before calling MOREnet. The site whose technical difficulties are causing disruption will attempt to correct the problem before contacting MOREnet.
  • If MOREnet determines that a site is adversely affecting a videoconference after the event begins, MOREnet will attempt to reach the designated event contact at the site causing the problem.
  • As part of the troubleshooting process, MOREnet will offer to move the disrupting site to a separate videoconference for testing.
  • If the problem cannot be resolved within 15 minutes after the class or event starts, MOREnet will mute or remove the site with the problem from the videoconference.
    • If the site with the unresolved problem is the originator of the videoconference and the decision is made to terminate its participation, the originating site is responsible for notifying all participating sites that the event is being terminated and will be given time to do so.
    • MOREnet will attempt to notify the originating site before removing a problem site from the event.
  • Recurring problems will be escalated within the site's management by event contact or MOREnet until satisfactory resolution is achieved. Once the problem at the site has been corrected, the site will contact MOREnet to test its equipment. If testing is successful, the site may again participate in future videoconferencing events scheduled through MOREnet.
Sample Causes for Site Removal from an Event
  • Audio noises that disrupt the event for all sites
  • Video problems that degrade the quality of the event
  • Local network problems at the site that affect the event's quality

NOTE: More detailed guidelines, procedures and configuration and troubleshooting information are available in the Technical Support section of MOREnet's website