Fort D - Cape Girardeau

Videoconferencing Etiquette


  • Arrive at least fifteen minutes early to distribute materials.
  • Begin on time.
  • Make sure all conferencing sites understand the issues of open vs. muted microphones.
  • Microphones are sensitive and pick up even quiet speech. If your goal is spontaneity, muting microphones may not be an appropriate decision for a continuous presence quad-window conference. As a courtesy to participants, however, please inform them that private conversations during the session may be picked up by the microphones.
  • Open by introducing participants.
  • Review objectives and time allotted for the meeting.
  • Encourage participation.
  • Ask questions by name and site, if possible. (Use name tents with big lettering.)
  • Repeat questions for the other sites.
  • Keep the meeting focused. Direct non-agenda items to future meetings.
  • Conclude on time, allowing a few minutes for wrap-up and good-byes.


  • Be on time.
  • Turn off cell phones. Cell phone signals may affect the conference audio.
  • Speak naturally in the direction of the microphone.
  • Avoid coughing into microphones, drumming fingers or carrying on side conversations. Remember that microphones are very sensitive and may pick up even quiet conversation or comments.
  • Identify yourself when speaking for the first time.
  • Pause occasionally so others may make comments.