Videoconferencing Network and Equipment Configuration

For assistance in any of the following areas, contact

MOREnet Technical Support

Tell them that you need assistance with videoconferencing.

Network Connection

  • Contact MOREnet Technical Support (contact information above) to have the Network Consulting group evaluate your network's ability to support videoconferencing. 
  • Use switched Ethernet from the codec to the MOREnet edge device (router).
  • Set duplexing (half or full) on your Ethernet switch to match the NIC manufacturer's specifications.
  • Firewalls often block video traffic. Be sure that the IP address assigned to your video device is outside your firewalls. Contact MOREnet Technical Support for details.
Additional Resources

H.323 Videoconferencing and Firewalls

Equipment Configuration Tips

  • MOREnet supports all h.323 video codecs including most of the vendor software version that come with those codecs. MOREnet has tested the latest video software listed on Supported Video Software Versions. If you have a video codec that is not listed or a codec using a different software version, we are available to test and validate for use on the MOREnet video network.
  • Use of a public IP address for your video codec is the preferred method of connection. If you happen to be behind a firewall, you will have to use a NAT (Network Address Translation).
  • For proper QOS (Quality of Service) set the IP Precedence bit to 5.
  • Set the line rate on your codec to 384 Kbps, unless arraingements have been made for a higher bandwidth connection speed.
  • Test any auxiliary echo cancellation equipment for proper operation.
  • Test the hookup of your peripheral devices (VCR, document camera, computer).
  • All codecs that are not listed on our validated site list must be tested with Video Services at least 24 hours prior to participating in a conference.
  • All sites should connect directly to MOREnet's MCU. In some instances sites must use local MCU's to cascade to MOREnet's MCU.
  • Plan to have a technical person in attendance at each conference site to assist the instructor with troubleshooting.
  • Have a backup plan to join the conference by speakerphone in case your equipment should be out of service.

If Problems Occur

Refer to the Common Causes of Videoconferencing Problems document on the MOREnet website.

Prior to calling MOREnet, please collect the information listed on the Before Calling MOREnet page. This information will help us resolve your problem faster.