Core Ideology

At MOREnet, we never forget that our whole reason for being here is because of our members. Their input, their support, and their willingness to come together to gain maximum benefit from our pooled resources has been the critical foundation on which MOREnet was built, and continues to be the most important element that makes the organization unique among its peers nationally.

MOREnet's Purpose, Values & Principles

Purpose Statement

MOREnet's purpose is to be a trusted partner for technology, innovation and support.

Core Values

  • We exist to serve our members and provide excellent service
  • Our employees are the organization's most important resource
  • Cooperation and teamwork are essential to our success
  • Innovation, learning and continuous improvement are our way of life
  • Risk-taking is critical to our existence
  • We demonstrate a personal commitment to the success of MOREnet and conduct ourselves with integrity, honesty and openness

MOREnet's Core Principles


MOREnet employees maintain high standards of professional integrity, personal responsibility and take pride in their work.


MOREnet fosters a positive, open, learning environment where employees are treated fairly and with respect, their contributions are recognized, and they are given the resources and opportunities they need to do their jobs and grow professionally.


MOREnet provides opportunities for members to expand their knowledge and resources to help them gain the skills and information necessary to keep pace with today’s technology challenges and better prepare for tomorrow.


MOREnet fosters a collaborative and cooperative spirit in its members. Building partnerships allows MOREnet to provide consistent and cost-effective services that would not otherwise be available to many Missourians.


MOREnet strives to be a leader in the innovative application of information technology to solve today's challenges and take full advantage of future opportunities. MOREnet works with its members to explore new ways to enhance learning opportunities.


We provide our members with the best possible service in all that we do.