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Missouri Future of Learning 2011

Prototype @ MISSOURI FUTURE OF LEARNING FORUM is an intensive hands-on design camp immersing passionate and creative students in a collaborative environment to re-imagine the future of learning. Learn how design and design-thinking can unlock real world challenges. Work with acclaimed designers and educators crafting new models of the classroom and of learning. Driven by students, guided by designers.

Real world problems solved through design, leveraging multiple voices, community and imagination. Create the seeds of change for generations of Missouri students.

Missouri Future of Learning Forum provides the canvas for you to answer education’s most important issues. How do students learn best? What should a classroom of the future look like? What can be done because of technology?



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Lead facilitator Jeff Sharpe is an educational futurist and architect of innovative learning / work environments and communities. A visionary leader in the future of learning, he is dedicated to creating places that engage all learners and learning styles.

His work explores the intersection of discover, rapidly shifting context and community to create a different model, a different language, of learning environments; a place where each human interaction has the potential to be a vivid and visceral learning experience, transcending work, school and play. Fusing culture, imagination and experimentation his work has led to social and educational innovation.

Jeff’s work in design and design-thinking has provided strategic leadership to industry, non-profits and educational organizations. His thought-leadership and collaboration in student-centered design initiatives has created innovative models changing the education landscape.

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