MOREnet Network

Is your network important to you? It is even more important to us! Not only do we offer the most robust network in Missouri, we have the expertise and dedication to keep it running in top form. From E-rate assistance to consulting and security, the services that come with having a MOREnet Network connection really stand out from the crowd. Our commitment to excellent support cannot be duplicated. No other provider in Missouri shares the same dedication to your mission as we do.

Because your network is 100 percent our business.

Know Your Network

MOREnet knows everyone needs to look at all of the options when choosing the right Internet Service Provider. As you are researching, however, we want to make sure you ask all the important questions and know all of the facts about the MOREnet Network. Below are some tools to help you obtain the most accurate information.

Aggregation Models

When comparing MOREnet Internet service to other vendors, make sure you compare apples-to-apples. MOREnet maintains a 1:1 aggregation ratio. Telecom vendors often aggregate their data at as many as 20:1 or 30:1. This can have a serious impact on the performance of your Internet hosted applications. The model that MOREnet uses is shown in the bottom image. You can see that every step of aggregation maintains approximately a 1:1 ratio. The top three images are examples of how many vendor networks are set up. If you are considering purchasing bandwidth from another vendor, ask them to fill in the blanks of their aggregation amounts where we have put ?? symbols.

Vendor Aggregation Model 1 Vendor Aggregation Model 2 Vendor Aggregation Model 3
MOREnet Aggregation Model

Bandwidth Testers

Most of the commercial speed test sites do not accurately measure bandwidth on high capacity circuits. Use the links below to test whether your circuit is capable of carrying the rated capacity of data that your service provider indicates.

St. Louis test server
Springfield test server

Ever wonder what the MOREnet network performance is like right now?

Here are our network tools that we make available. Does your prospective vendor provide this data for their network?

Other documents that help explain the value of the MOREnet network

What Sets Us Apart? (PDF 851KB)

Bandwidth Comparison Simulator

Bandwidth Download Simulator

MOREnet's Value Assessment Worksheet (Excel 15.33KB)