MOREnet Security

Securing networked computers is sometimes a Herculean task. And, unfortunately, it's a task that never slows, stops or gets measurably easier. New threats lurk around the next corner, new technologies present new, different challenges. Many organizations simply cannot afford to hire a dedicated security professional to keep up with these challenges. That's where MOREnet can help.

Security is best done in layers…

MOREnet offers you several layers of protection, many of which are included in our Full-Service and Basic membership packages. Members who also have their Internet connection through MOREnet will enjoy the maximum benefit! The MOREnet Security Team is a Computer Security Incident Response Team dedicated to handling security event response for participating and connected Missouri K-12 schools, colleges and universities, libraries, state government and teaching hospitals and clinics. MOREnet Security also provides security consulting, training and alerts to its customers.

MOREnet Security is unsurpassed when you need to keep your network secure. Whether you're dealing with a virus, malware or a hacker, MOREnet Security understands your business and your network.

Learn more about the services and resources our MOREnet Security Team provides by visiting our Security Support pages.

Stay connected. Stay secure!