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Preparing for the Event: Tips and Guidelines

Originating Site

  • Provide presenter training.
  • License, secure and provide the software for events requiring software.
  • Provide access to any computer resources required by participants.
  • Submit scheduling request information to MOREnet on the Videoconference Scheduling Form.
  • Keep presenters updated on the status of their events.
  • Have a technical person in attendance at each conference site to assist the instructor with troubleshooting.

Receiving Site

  • Provide access to a dedicated videoconferencing room.
  • Provide a site technician responsible for turning on equipment, making connections and assuring equipment is in good working condition prior to event.
  • Have trained operations support staff on-site whenever videoconferencing events are in session.
  • Provide staff to handle materials sent via mail, express mail or fax, or electronically.
  • Provide for receiving, copying, distributing and returning print materials.
  • Provide participants with access to the Internet, e-mail and other electronic communication tools as requested by the originating site.
  • Equip each videoconferencing room with a cordless phone and a fax machine to assist in resolving technical problems.


  • Determine the time and length of the conference.
  • Confirm participant registration and room and equipment availability.
  • Appoint a leader for each site.
Content Development
  • Set objectives.
  • List specific results to be achieved.
  • Prioritize topics to be discussed.
  • Develop an agenda. Specify the focus and time allotted for the conference.
  • Prepare a syllabus/agenda/outline for the event.
  • Practice using the control panel with your content
Participant Information
  • Provide at least one copy of necessary handouts and online information for each event at least one week prior to the date the materials will be used.
  • Provide participants with an orientation prior to the first session.
  • Provide participants at all locations with opportunities to evaluate the event.
Pre-event Testing (All Sites)
  • Recheck the hookup of your peripheral devices (VCR, document camera, computer) prior to dialing in to the conference.
  • Adjust your audio levels during the testing time (15-30 minutes) prior to the conference, not after the conference begins.
  • Make sure all participating sites understand the issues of open vs. muted microphones. Microphones are sensitive and pick up even quiet speech.

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