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Blackhole DNS

Beginning Oct. 22, 2013, a MOREnet connection is required to use BlackHole DNS.


MOREnet members may choose to use the free BHDNS service to add a layer of protection against malware for their workstations and servers. The service is very easy to use; system administrators just need to replace the DNS addresses of MOREnet's traditional DNS servers with the BHDNS servers. If IP addresses are assigned by DHCP, this transition is very quick and easy to do in the DHCP configuration. If an organization has local DNS servers, just point those local servers to the BHDNS servers. Sites that manually assign DNS entries will need to visit each computer to make the changes. Use the information below to locate the correct BHDNS IP addresses for your area.

How the Service Works

Note: We do not recommend using the BHDNS server IP addresses for DNS resolution on mail servers.

The service works by redirecting traffic for sites that are known to be hosting malware. Malware is frequently hidden in advertisements and legitimate web pages, and users aren't aware they are at risk of infection. When users attempt to browse to a blacklisted site, the BHDNS servers return the IP address of a MOREnet hosted web server (

If the requested domain leads to a web page, the user will see this message:

“The requested page or advertisement has been blocked in accordance with local policies to prevent malware infection. If you feel this domain has been blocked in error, please contact your network administrator.”

If the requested domain leads to a graphic, the user will see an image stating:

“This image not available”

If you feel that a domain has been blocked in error, contact MOREnet Security.

BHDNS Server IP Addresses

Contact MOREnet Security for more information on Blackhole DNS.

Columbia/Jefferson City -,
St. Louis, Southeastern Missouri -,
Springfield, Southwestern Missouri -,
Kansas City, Northern Missouri -,

See MOREnet's Preferred DNS Numbers page for information on non-Blackhole DNS numbers.