Dell Consortium Pricing

Included with membership

MOREnet offers its Full Service Package members significant savings on Dell laptops and desktops through a purchasing contract with Dell.

Features and Benefits

  • Three systems to choose from: two desktop and one laptop system
  • Customizations are available for each system to meet your organization’s requirements
  • Simple interface behind MyMOREnet helps you sample different customizations and automatically adjusts the pricing for you to budget your purchase accordingly


Members who purchase the Full Service Membership Package with MOREnet are eligible for this service and the Dell Quote Generator application will automatically appear under applications in your MyMOREnet account. If your organization has the Full Service Membership Package and you do not see the application appear on your MyMOREnet applications page, contact your organization's MyMOREnet Administrator or contact MOREnet Technical Support at

Dell Consortium Pricing - Accessing the Service

  • Login to MyMOREnet
  • Click on the “Dell Quote Generator” link on the Application Menu of your MyMOREnet Account to take you to the Dell Premier Page designed specifically for this service
  • Once at the Dell Premier Page, you can choose a standard configuration or customize a system to meet your organization’s requirements
  • After configuring your system, click on “Add to Cart”
  • Once desired purchases are in your cart, click on “Save as E-Quote”
  • Fill out required information to complete the quote process
  • Your created E-Quote will be emailed to you
  • IMPORTANT: To order, you will need to contact your regular Dell Sales Representative and provide them with the E-Quote number to receive the discounted pricing

If you do not know your Dell Sales Representative, call Dell at (800) 274-7799.

Terms and Conditions

Contact Information

For more information contact the Member Relations Team at (800) 509-6673 or send e-mail to