Google Apps for Missouri

Included with membership

MOREnet has entered into an agreement with Google to provide training and support to K-12 schools, that are MOREnet members, in the use of Google Apps for Education. Google Apps Education Edition allows schools to give Google's communication and collaboration applications to their entire organization. All services are hosted by Google and are available to users via any Internet-connected computer and many mobile devices.


Google Apps for Missouri includes the following services:

  • Gmail - provides seven gigabytes of email storage per mailbox,  highly effective spam filtering and powerful search with integrated voice and video chat 
  • Google Calendar - allows easy coordination of work or class schedules, meetings and events online; 
  • Google Video - online video private to a school’s domain
  • Google Docs - allows users to create and collaborate on documents, spreadsheets, presentations, forms, and drawings in real-time as well as upload and share any file type
  • Google Sites - develop and customize rich websites and embed Google Docs, Google Calendars, videos, and other media – no HTML required.
  • Google Groups - Create mailing lists and discussion forums allowing students and teachers to easily and efficiently sharing documents, calendars, sites, and media with specific groups.

Technical Requirements and Support 

  • Internet connectivity
  • Web browser (version 4 or higher)
  • E-mail client (if not using webmail)

Existing MOREnet contacts are eligible to contact MOREnet Technical Support for assistance.


Any MOREnet K-12 member organization is eligible for the service under MOREnet’s agreement with Google. All MOREnet members are eligible to take advantage of MOREnet's training and support.


Training is available in either an online format or a hands-on classroom format. See MOREnet Training  for available class options and class schedules..

Contact Information

For more information or to take advantage of the service, contact MOREnet Technical Support:

Google Apps for Missouri Pricing

Google Apps for Education is free to all K-12 schools. The Google Apps for Missouri agreement is free to K-12 schools that are MOREnet members.

Google Apps for Missouri Terms and Conditions