Learning Management System (LMS) Hosting

Learning Management System

MOREnet’s Learning Management System (LMS) Hosting service provides subscribers a maintained and secure LMS instance to use in their digital learning environment. MOREnet uses Moodle as the application platform to deliver the LMS. Subscribers can control their e-learning classes and materials without the complexity and expense of managing and maintaining servers, hardware or the application itself. Local management of the content and access are all controlled by the subscriber.

Features and  Benefits


  • LMS instances for a single teacher or a whole district are an order form away
  • LMS instances are managed by MOREnet staff, freeing your technical staff time
  • LMS can authenticate against your directory service (Active Directory, etc)
  • Pay as you grow! As your LMS usage grows, upgrade to another level without purchasing a new LMS instance


  • MOREnet staff are available to assist with LMS administration questions
  • MOREnet will provide training on LMS course management
  • Find support from MOREnet staff you trust
  • Ongoing administrative support for MOREnet approved modules, plug-ins and releases


  • MOREnet's specialized LMS hosting infrastructure improves availability and responsiveness
  • MOREnet's specialized LMS hosting infrastructure includes multiple layers of security


  • All LMS instances will be delivered across an encrypted session (HTTPS)

Service Level Options


  • 150 Users
  • 5 courses
  • 1 GB Data Storage
  • $150.00  

MOREnet's entry-level package gives any individual the option to get started on this powerful teaching or collaboration tool without the technical know-how needed to deploy and maintain a LMS instance on your own.  Let MOREnet keep your LMS instance running securely while you develop content and utilize LMS to enhance the professional development in your small organization or the teaching in your classroom.

  • Compliment traditional classroom instruction
  • Hybrid classroom/online environments
  • Fully online learning

Now you have the tools to get started on your courses today!


Managed LMS Hosting is based on:

  • Number of Users
  • Data Storage Needs  

Use Managed LMS Hosting to compliment your school or organization's classroom instruction or to launch a full online digital learning environment. Other common Enterprise uses:

  • Self-directed Professional Development
  • Teacher-to-teacher interaction


MOREnet members, both connected or non-connected, are eligible for this service. However, members not connected to the MOREnet core network may not experience optimal performance.

Purchasing the Service

Contact MOREnet Technical Support at (800) 509-6673 or help@more.net.

Download Service Order Form 

Learning Management System Pricing

Annual Pricing

LMS Package Includes MTeacher M5 M10 M20 M40 M60 M80 M100 M150 M200
Hosting Price $150 $500 $1,000 $1,500 $2,500 $3,500 Call for price Call for price Call for price Call for price
# of users 150 250 500 1,000 2,000 3,000 4,000 5,000 7,500 10,000
Storage GB 1 5 10 20 40 60 80 100 150 200
Unmetered Bandwidth Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Courses 5 Unlimited
Technical Support Included

Above 3,000 users or 60 GB - please e-mail orders@more.net for a custom quote.

When providing an SSL Certificate for MOREnet to install, a $100 installation fee will be added to your organization's total cost.

LMS Hosting Terms and Conditions

  • All services are subject to MOREnet Service Policies.
  • MOREnet may upgrade or modify the LMS environment without prior notice.
  • MOREnet may monitor utilization of computing resources (CPU, memory, disk, network) by organization on the LMS server environment. If your organization is found to be using one or more resources far in excess of expected rates, MOREnet reserves the right to assign your organization to a higher service level tier or assess a surcharge, at its discretion.
  • MOREnet shall install, update, and modify all software running in the LMS environment. Organizations may request patches to the LMS environment, additional or updated plug-ins (modules, blocks, course formats, etc.), and other changes.
  • MOREnet shall review and approve requests at its discretion. MOREnet shall perform nightly backups of the LMS environment as part of its normal operations. MOREnet may also create nightly snapshots of courses for the convenience of course administrators.
  • Subscribers who request to use their own URL will be required to purchase an SSL Certificate or provide one of their own for MOREnet to install. When providing an SSL Certificate for MOREnet to install, a $100 installation fee will be added to your organization's total cost.