Mobile Videoconferencing

Mobile Videoconferencing

MOREnet’s Mobile Videoconferencing service is a HD quality personal telepresence system that can link room systems, desktops and mobile endpoints over ordinary IP networks. It is a software-based solution powered by Vidyo that provides a telepresence experience on desktops, laptops and personal devices transforming almost any device into an HD quality videoconferencing endpoint. Mobile Videoconferencing provides a personal, customizable experience to each user and integrates with commonly used UC.

The adaptive video layering architecture allows Mobile Videoconferencing to work together to dynamically adjust each user’s experience to account for network conditions and CPU utilization - delivering face-to-face interaction with no delay or broken images. All you need is a good-quality webcam, headset and a Mac or PC, and you’re ready to participate in multipoint video calls with other participants, whether they’re gathered in video conference rooms or sitting in front of their desktop, iPad or other mobile devices.

Features and Benefits


  • Firewall/nat traversal - Embedded functionality that provides a safe and secure connection through any firewall with no feature loss or requirement for additional equipment
  • Shared computer content is crisp, easy to read and can be displayed on multiple monitors
  • High resolution and high frame rate encode and decode at any call rate
  • Standards-based coding technology - H.264/AVC/SVC based (H.263 support provided for legacy devices)
  • Error resilience - Maintains continuous high-quality video without broken pictures or other artifacts in environments with high packet loss
  • Resolution and rate matching - Supports sending video to multiple endpoints with different bandwidths and resolution capabilities without transcoding
  • Dynamic rate control - Automatically and continuously senses the current network condition and adjusts bit rates accordingly


  • Allows for the incorporation of legacy video conferencing equipment
  • Record and playback available – provides flexibility on content delivery. Please contact for available options


  • Easy to use web-based interface - A consistent environment across endpoints with single-click action buttons
  • All that is needed is a good-quality webcam, headset and a Mac or PC, and you’re ready to participate in multipoint video calls with other participants
  • Personal video layout - Gives each user independent control over received video layout as opposed to one prescribed layout in other systems
  • Videoconferencing from your mobile device – Mobile Videoconferencing provides an easy-to-use mobile interface so users can connect to any Videoconference wherever WiFi, 3G or 4G networks are available


MOREnet members, both connected and non-connected, are eligible for this service.


Mobile Videoconferencing pricing is based on a connection rather than a port. A member may have many Mobile Videoconferencing applications installed on PCs, but a connection isn’t made until one of the Mobile Videoconferencing lines is connected to a videoconference or to another user. These connections are what we call Mobile Videoconferencing Lines (MVLines).

Members have two options when leasing MVLines. Dedicated lines are available for members that will use Mobile Videoconferencing more frequently and would prefer to manage their Mobile Videoconferencing use with a guaranteed connection. Some members may prefer a more casual user service at lower price. Members may lease a Mobile Videoconferencing connection as a user in our shared service that will have an oversubscription rate of 5:1 (Users:MVLines).

All members will need to purchase a Mobile Videoconferencing download for each device they would like to use for their connection. Members that lease a dedicated line will have the option of leasing additional equipment for MOREnet to host. Members can add a record playback server on an annual basis.

Both the dedicated line and user accounts on the shared service will have access to legacy endpoints via a Mobile Videoconferencing Gateway. Members on a dedicated line service will also have the option to lease additional Mobile Videoconferencing Gateways as needed. This gives members the same flexibility as they would have if they were to purchase the equipment and host the service themselves.

Mobile Videoconferencing Pricing

Dedicated Lines Annual Price
MOREnet Lines $650
MOREnet Encrypted Lines $675
User Accounts on Shared Service Annual Price
MOREnet User Account $130
Optional Hardware Annual Price
Record Playback Server $2,800
Gateway MK-II $2,000

Purchasing the Service

To purchase MOREnet's Mobile Videoconferencing service:

Fax to (573) 884-8917or email to a completed Order Form with copy of a purchase order to MOREnet. The billing process will begin automatically upon receipt of the order form. The service will be prorated by the month of entry for orders received after the start of the fiscal year.

MOREnet will process your subscription upon receipt of the order form and purchase order and will contact you with your account information.

Mobile Videoconferencing Terms and Conditions

  • All Services are subject to MOREnet Service Policies and MOREnet Mobile Videoonferencing Conditions of Use.
  • Services are leased on a yearly basis from July to June. If leased after July the cost will be pro-rated based on remaining months until June.
  • Yearly Lease fee is non-refundable.