SecondWeb Hosting Service

SecondWeb is a service designed to provide a failover website in the event of a catastrophe occurring to a member organization’s web servers. This is designed to be a supplement to a member organization’s disaster recovery plan.

Should the primary web server become unavailable due to weather, excessive power outages, or other unforeseen circumstances, it is as simple as changing the DNS record to redirect traffic to the SecondWeb server until the original server can be restored.

Windows environments and dynamic web content, such as PHP and SQL, are not supported at this time. 

Features and Benefits

  • Offsite: MOREnet maintains the hardware in a secure facility and provides system monitoring 24x7.
  • 24-Hour Service: Should the need arise for MOREnet to change DNS after normal business hours, members may call our toll-free number and select the phone tree option to report an outage. A MOREnet staff member will then be paged.
  • Preserve Your Web Presence: By redirecting DNS to your SecondWeb site, your web presence will still be available to end users in the event of extended outages to your primary web server.
  • Transparent: End users can continue to follow the same links or bookmarks to reach your website while the SecondWeb backup is live.

Technical Requirements

  • Internet connectivity
  • Web browser
  • FTP client


Any MOREnet member organization is eligible for the SecondWeb service. However, SecondWeb is not needed by organizations whose websites are hosted by MOREnet via Managed Web Hosting.

Purchasing the Service

  1. Submit an application. (PDF file: 66 KB)
  2. Applicants will be contacted by MOREnet Technical Support to begin the activation process.

SecondWeb Pricing

Pricing for the SecondWeb service is based on the total amount of disk space, based on the table below.

The billing process will begin automatically upon receipt of an order form. The service will be prorated by the month of entry for orders received after July 1. Organizations will be able to purchase additional disk space during the year, if needed.

The SecondWeb service will be automatically renewed each fiscal year unless written notification to cancel is received by June 1.

Annual Fees
Total Disk Space Used  
Up to 500 MB $135

SecondWeb Terms and Conditions


  • Written notification is required by June 1 of intent to discontinue use of the SecondWeb service.
  • Send cancellations to MOREnet:
    • E-mail:
    • Mail: 221 North Stadium Blvd., Ste 201, Columbia, MO 65203
    • Fax: (573) 884-8917
  • There is no refund upon cancellation of the SecondWeb service.

Contact Information

For more information about, or to subscribe to, MOREnet's SecondWeb service, contact your Member Services Advisor at (573) 884-7200 or by e-mail