MOREnet offers members the ability to stream, archive and access various media files. Media can be easily uploaded by members and is available to users in a format similar to the popular website YouTube. Live events such as sporting events, board meetings or lectures can be streamed and archived for later viewing by Android, iOS and PC devices.


Get Organized and Save Time

Educators are increasingly using media in their teaching. However, trying to organize a growing collection of media for yourself or your organization is time-consuming. MOREnet’s new media repository,, makes it simple to create your own media library. It’s quick and easy to set up and everything is in one place, making management a breeze.

Increase Engagement

Students regularly report that media reinforces their learning, and holds their attention. It can also help them keep up to date and encourages peer-to-peer learning and collaboration.



  • Interface is user friendly - easy for instructors and students to upload all forms of media (Video, Image, PowerPoint, Word, Excel, PDF and more)
  • Provides ability to upload videos to the service, eliminating the need to go to the “You Tube” channel for viewing; eliminating unwanted ads before and after your video
  • Students can access media from a trusted MOREnet location
  • Provides an easy method of approving content (if needed) after uploading and prior to publishing
  • Media can be public or compartmentalized for limited access by approved users
  • is a hosted solution managed by MOREnet and MOREnet partners, freeing your technical resources


  • MOREnet staff are available to assist with administrative and operational questions
  • Training on all aspects of will be provided by MOREnet staff
  • Service management and updates by MOREnet will ensure that the service remains timely and current from a technological and user standpoint


  • Integrates with Moodle (can also integrate with Blackboard and Canvas at a premium-level service)
  • Supports Android, IOS and desktop players


  • Media can be public or given limited access by approved users
  • is a hosted solution
    • Enterprise level backup
    • Multiple streaming server access points

Learn More

To learn more about explore the site here or view this informative session regarding the service.

Service Level Options

Entry Level Service

For the remainder of FY14, the Entry Level Service is included with the Full Service Membership Package.

Entry Level Service includes:

  • Up to 50 GB Media Storage
  • Up to 50 GB Monthly Streaming Allocation for stored (archived) files
  • 100 GB Live Streaming/Year*
  • Additional Storage/Streaming is available for purchase (see chart below)

Additional Pricing for

Fees for additional usage and MOREnet Members without a Full Service Membership Package  
Entry Level Service with Basic Service Membership Package $590
Additional Fee for Members without a Membership Service Package $200
Additional Storage per 50GB (beyond 50GB) $120
Additional Streaming Bandwidth per 50GB per month (beyond 50GB) $60
Additional Live Streaming per 100GB (beyond 100GB)* $80

*An example of 100 GB of Live Streaming roughly equals up to ten (10) one hour events with 45 viewers watching the stream encoded at 500 kbps.

Premium Level Service

A Premium Level Service for members requiring their own domain, identity management, Blackboard or Canvas integration or usage beyond the Entry Level Service, is also available for purchase. Contact Member Relations at for a custom quote.


All MOREnet members are eligible to purchase either the Entry Level or Premium Level Service. Entry Level Service is included for the remainder of FY14 as part of the Full Service Membership Package.

Accessing the Service

To access this service or inquire about purchasing additional premium services, contact or call Member Relations at (800) 509-6673.

For additional services beyond the Entry Level Service for members with a Full Service Membership Packages, please download and fill out this order form.


This service will automatically renew each fiscal year. Service cancellations must be received by June 1 to avoid being charged for an additional year. There are no refunds available for this service. Terms and Conditions

  • All services are subject to MOREnet Service Policies
  • MOREnet may upgrade or modify the environment without prior notice
  • MOREnet may monitor utilization of computing resources (CPU, memory, disk, network, etc.) by each organization on the server environment. If your organization is found to be using one or more resources far in excess of expected rates, MOREnet reserves the right to contact you and assign your organization to a higher service level tier or assess a surcharge, at its discretion
  • MOREnet or a MOREnet partner shall install, update and modify all software running in the environment. Organizations may request patches or feature enhancements to the environment
  • MOREnet shall review and approve requests at its discretion