Black Hole DNS FAQ

What is the Domain Name Service?
The Domain Name Service, or DNS, translates text addresses, such as, into numeric IP addresses, such as (IPv4) or 2610:e0:1:50:198:209:253:168 (IPv6).
How does the Black Hole DNS Service work?
The service works by redirecting traffic for sites that are known to be hosting malware. Malware is frequently hidden in advertisements and legitimate web pages, and users aren't aware they are at risk of infection. When users attempt to browse to a blacklisted site, the BHDNS servers return the IP address of a MOREnet hosted web server (
Why is Black Hole DNS better than unfiltered DNS?
On the Internet, malicious sites are only one click away. Black Hole DNS adds a layer of protection to your overall security efforts, avoiding a potential infection before it can even begin. Additionally, many malicious sites are intentionally misleading. While user education remains an important part of your organization's security efforts, the Black Hole DNS service can take the user out of the equation.
What are the costs savings of the Black Hole DNS service?
The Black Hole DNS service is opt-in and free of charge to members with a MOREnet connection.