Contact Descriptions

The member will appoint the following key representatives for the Member organization, as applicable for MOREnet Service(s) provided:

  1. Board Secretary: K-12 only.
  2. Institutional Representative (IR): Designated official for the organization.
  3. Security Contact (SC): Individual to interface with MOREnet security staff.
  4. Billing Contact (BC): Individual to receive invoices and resolve payment issues.
  5. Information Release Official (IRO): Individual to authorize release of member-specific records, material or information maintained on any MOREnet Services to the member. Unless otherwise notified, MOREnet will assume the Institutional Representative also performs the role of the IRO.
  6. Video Contact: Individual responsible for some or all aspects of the organization's videoconferencing and streaming activities.
  7. Primary Technical Contact (TC): Individual responsible for overall coordination of the technology of the organization.
  8. Technical Contact: Individual responsible for the organization's on-site help with data-connection issues.
  9. SLA Contact: Individual designated to contact MOREnet after hours in the event a member has a service level agreement.
  10. E-rate Contact: Individual responsible for the organization's E-rate compliance efforts.
  11. Online Resources Contact: Individual who provides the organization support for use of MOREnet's Online Resources.