Contacts: Descriptions and Duties

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MOREnet recommends that organizations take advantage of these positions by having them filled by different staff members. This practice allows members to have multiple individuals informed about the support and services available through MOREnet.

Institutional Representative

  • Serve as the main contact between the organization and MOREnet, and typically approves all service orders.
  • Serve as the recipient of mailed (U.S. Postal Service) information about MOREnet programs.
  • Be responsive to surveys and inquiries about MOREnet programs.
  • Be a leader for MOREnet programs within the organization.
  • Distribute and administer program email user IDs.
  • Submit MOREnet contact changes.
  • May also include the duties of other Contact roles.

Information Release Official

Individual to authorize release of member-specific records, material or information. Unless otherwise notified, MOREnet will assume the Institutional Representative also performs the role of the IRO.

Technical Contact

  • Provide MOREnet-based training to other members in the organization.
  • Be responsible for the overall coordination of technology in the organization.
  • Be responsible for daily technical operations.
  • Is automatically subscribed to MOREnet’s discussion lists for daily technical operations.
  • Have a working knowledge of the workstation and network operating systems used in the organization.
  • Have an understanding of TCP/IP protocols, IP addressing, sub-networking and Wide Area Networks (WANs).
  • Provide support for use of online resources provided through MOREnet as well as use of related Internet software such as Web browsers.

Security Contact

  • Should bear overall day-to-day responsibility for the network security of the organization.
  • Should be empowered to act to safeguard the network and should have access to the expertise to make necessary changes without delay.
  • Need not have the expertise personally, but should be able to bring appropriate expertise to bear on a problem quickly (i.e., by telephone or pager).
  • Is subscribed to MOREnet's security discussion list. MOREnet addresses this list with relevant advisories of security vulnerabilities, software bugs affecting security, notices of available security-related training and quarterly summaries of security statistics.

E-rate Contact

  • These contacts may call or send email to MOREnet for E-rate assistance.
  • Able to sign-up for MOREnet’s USF discussion list.
  • Main contact for E-rate filing and program information.

Billing Contact

Designated as the appropriate accounts payable office or individual to receive bills for MOREnet services.

Online Resources Contact

  • Provides his or her organization with support for using online resources available at
  • Shares information about access to library resources provided through MOREnet to faculty, students and staff.
  • Subscribed to MOREnet's online resources distribution list.
  • Receives information and changes regarding online resources.

Video Contact

  • Should be available on-site to assist MOREnet in monitoring and troubleshooting your organization’s video equipment and events.
  • Must be able to phone MOREnet from the site's video unit location and perform rudimentary troubleshooting of the site’s video equipment.
  • Must be familiar with the organization’s local network.
  • Must be accessible via phone any time the site is participating in a videoconference.