Public and Private K-12 School Participation

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MOREnet is pleased to serve both public and private K-12 schools through our membership service packages, Internet connectivity and for-fee services. For questions regarding the services available to Missouri's K-12 schools, please contact one of MOREnet's K-12 Member Services Advisors:

Eric Nicklas
Member Services Advisor
(573) 882-9785

Greg Wheeling
Member Services Advisor
(573) 882-1571

Denise Tate-Kuhler
Member Services Advisor
(573) 882-9782

Membership Service Information

For public and private K-12 schools, MOREnet Membership Service Package pricing is based on total student enrollment.

For consistency across all public K-12 schools, MOREnet uses the official District Total Students (DTOTSTU) enrollment figure which is published in the online DESE MIssouri School Directory report and is based upon data submitted by the school district as of the last Wednesday in September of the prior school year.