Public Library Technical Advisory Group (LTAG)

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December 1, 2011


The MOREnet Public Library Technical Advisory Group shall actively represent the interests and needs of the MOREnet public library member community in discussions and collaboration opportunities with MOREnet staff.  It is also hoped that the Advisory Group will take this opportunity to build better relationships with other technical library staff to share and collaborate on issues relevant to them and their library.

Areas of Responsibilities

  • Provide input to MOREnet on existing and potential new services for MOREnet to consider that  support or align with public library missions, goals and initiatives.
  • Provide input on emerging technologies, their applications and value to the public library community and assist MOREnet in identifying support or service opportunities.
  • Provide feedback and guidance on MOREnet policies.
  • Share information about state and federal policy issues as they may relate to MOREnet or its members.  (This type of information may need to come from the library director through the advisory group representative or through MPLD.)

Membership and Term

  • Persons appointed to this advisory group have as their primary job duty the management of technology at the library.
  • Persons to be designated by the library director using MPLD as the contact.
  • No term.
  • No size limit on the group, but only up to two representative from each library/system.
  • A Chair will be elected by the Advisory Group.  The Chair shall preside at meetings and collaborate with MOREnet staff in the development of meeting agendas, communicate with all members when necessary and form sub-committees as needed.  The chair-elect shall fulfill the responsibilities of the chair in his or her absence and will become chair at the end of one year of service as Chair-Elect.
    • A MOREnet staff person is available as co-chair as necessary to help facilitate the group.

Meetings and Communications

  • Members shall actively participate in an advisory group discussion list managed by MOREnet.
  • There will be two meetings per year either face-to-face or through technology-mediated means.
    • One meeting will take place at the Connections Technology Conference.