REAL Recommended Equipment List

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MOREnet will provide the Cisco router, DSU/CSU unit and required cables for connecting to the circuit (Internet connection circuit). All other cabling and equipment requirements from the router to the internal network need to be provided by the library.

Recommended Equipment List

The following is the recommended equipment list for connecting to the Internet through the MOREnet network.


  • USB 2.0 slot
  • 1 Ghz processor (Intel Celeron or AMD Sempron) or higher
  • 256 MB DRAM
  • Graphics Video Card
  • 17" color monitor
  • 60 GB hard drive
  • 16X DVD-ROM drive
  • 10/100 Ethernet Network Card
  • Windows XP Professional with latest Service Pack

Ethernet Switch

The 10/100 ethernet switch connects each workstation and the Internet router to a local area network. Cost for an eight-port ethernet is about $50. The Internet router is provided by MOREnet, but the ethernet switch is not. The latest version of the Internet router provided by MOREnet has a 10/100 port connection.


Only required if using a library automation system or shared resources over a local area network. Shared printers and Internet connections can be easily done with Windows XP and no server. If using a server, consider NetWare OES or Windows 2000. If the server will not be performing Internet access functions, it should be configured to use an internal, private IP address and to use the network firewall or virtual private network if access is required from the Internet.


Sufficient 10BaseT or 100BaseT, Category 5 wiring to connect all workstations to the hub(s). 100BaseT wiring requires additional equipment as noted in the "Hub" paragraph above. Maximum length for a single connection is 285 feet. Wiring is normally sold by the foot and varies in cost. Consult your local computer vendor for details and pricing.


A firewall is optional but recommended as part of Internet security and access policy. MOREnet does not provide an Internet firewall nor recommend a specific brand of firewall, but can advise on specific infrastructure and types of firewalls that work with the REAL program and content filtering service agents that MOREnet provides.

Wireless Access (Wi-Fi)

Wireless access is ubiquitous as more library patrons have portable laptops or PDA devices that can access the Internet. MOREnet does not provide Wi-Fi access point devices, but can advise on specific infrastructure, as well as network consulting and design that allows wireless access for libraries that wish to provide this service to their patrons.

Basic Local Area Network Diagram for Internet Connectivity through MOREnet

In Figure 1 above, the MOREnet connection comes in through the dedicated Cisco router. From the Cisco router, a standard category 5 cable is required for connecting to a central hub. A hub is a concentrator with connecting ports for all cables from the PC workstations. The cables (unshielded twisted pair, category 5) connected to the concentrator from the PCs can be run up to 285 feet.