REAL Supported Connection Bandwidth

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Posted: 2-13-2013

The REAL Program is committed to providing size-appropriate connections for all REAL Program funded Internet connections. The Missouri State Library will make every effort to provide needed connectivity based upon the availability of funding to the REAL Program.

Minimum Connection Size for Main Library Buildings:

The minimum bandwidth size that will be implemented for main library buildings is 3MB. Main libraries with a 1.5MB connection will be given priority in the upgrade process to this level. This increase is in response to the increased reliance on Internet connectivity to deliver library services and the fact that today’s Internet traffic is more bandwidth intensive than ever.
Branch library minimum connection speed remains at 1.5MB.

Maximum Connection Size for REAL Program Connections:

The REAL Program approves an Internet connection bandwidth cap each year. The current maximum amount of bandwidth provided to a REAL Program library is 250MB. A library that requests a bandwidth increase above 250MB is responsible for the full amount of the difference in MOREnet fees and telecommunication costs.

Upgrade Request Process:

Libraries can request an upgrade through the regular REAL Program Upgrade Request process.