Router Management

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We provide a router management service to ensure a stable and reliable connection to the MOREnet network. Each member's site uses its router as a gateway between the MOREnet network and the site’s local network. MOREnet assumes full management responsibility for the router to ensure operation and reliable connectivity over the router, and we monitor the routers and will initiate any trouble calls to the router manufacturer.

Hardeware repair/replacement and IOS (router software) upgrades are covered by a maintenance contract. IOS upgrades are performed on an "as needed" basis to support existing/new technologies and fix software bugs.

Requirements for Service

Router management is available to all members except those who choose to purchase and manage their own routers. We do not monitor or provide management services for member-managed routers.

No additional member equipment or services are required to use this service.

Eligibility and Pricing

All members are eligible for router management services.

Router management is provided as part of the standard connection fee.

Condition of Use

To manage the router, our staff must have exclusive access and control of the router.

Support Provided

Standard service configurations will be implemented and maintained, dependent upon the capability of the individual device and/or circuit that is being used. Router features may include:

  • IP traffic only (including IPv6, but other L3 protocols will not be supported)
  • IP bandwidth management/QoS (IP Precedence with queuing for H.323 video and VoIP traffic only)
  • Multi-cast
  • Static routes
  • Access lists (only relating to immediate security incidents)

Firewall implementations and Network Address Translation (NAT) are not supported on MOREnet-managed routers. Additional VLANs for internal and external interfaces are supported on an individual case basis (if available from the local provider). Additional VLAN fees may apply.