Wireless Access Policy

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The Missouri State Library recognizes that wireless Internet access can be an important component of a library’s public services. Responsible management of wireless networks ensures the safety and reliability of the library’s technical infrastructure, bandwidth usage, and the integrity of Internet use by the public. Additionally, guidance by the Schools and Libraries Division (SLD), who administers the federal E-rate program, prohibits wireless access outside an organization’s property line.
For libraries offering wireless access through the MOREnet network, the following Missouri State Library policy applies. 

  • Wireless access is prohibited outside the property line of the library. In cases where this is not technically possible, the library must have made reasonable efforts to comply and must authenticate all users of the wireless access. 
  • REAL Program participants are recommended to authorize all wireless users as being library patrons through an authentication software program or automation system. 

Any library participating in the REAL Program that is planning, or currently providing, wireless access for their facilities may contact MOREnet Technical Support for assistance with establishing an authentication procedure to assure compliance with MOREnet Service Policies and SLD guidance.