Security Educational Training at MOREnet

Thursday, November 2, 2017 - 9:00am to 2:00pm

This training is provided by JMA and is free to all members and lunch will be provided.

JMA will provide information on common network security appliances and their roles in protecting a network, various network threats and how to protect against these attacks. Discussion will include descriptions on hardware and software used to protect a network against attacks and identifying/positioning firewalls, mail, and web security devices within a network. There will be explanations on the role of management and analytics in modern network security.

Our trainer will be providing an overview of Fortinet’s FortiGate products and providing scalability of Next Generation Firewall solution in small, medium, and larger enterprise environments. There will be a focus on role FortiGate plays in a service delivery network (SDN), navigating today’s networks Threat Landscape, and describing role of FortiGate in a carrier’s MSSP environment. There will be additional information on FortiManager/ FortiAnalyzer offering management and analytics. The session will include a brief competition overview and differentiators in security solutions.