FY18 Services and Fees

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These prices are effective from July 1, 2017, through June 30, 2018.

If you’re looking for FY19 fees for budget planning, click here.

Membership at a Glance

Membership Service Packages and Fees

Membership at a Glance

Whether you choose membership in the MOREnet Consortium for our robust connectivity package or for the valuable membership services that include online resources, technical support, video services, professional development with an educational technology focus and more, it's important to us that we meet the varying needs of every member of our consortium. Please contact your member service advisor or send email to orders@more.net if you would like to talk through the service packages that make the most sense for your organization.

  • Membership services and connectivity - Enjoy the best of what we have to offer by purchasing a membership service package and connecting to our reliable and robust network.
  • Membership services only - Select from two service package options based on your organization's technology needs. Our Full Membership Service package offers the flexibility of having unlimited access to our most popular services, plus several additional perks at no additional cost; our Basic Membership Service package is designed for those that may require a little less than unlimited access. See below for service package details.
  • Connectivity only - Our optical network was recently upgraded, making MOREnet one of the few research and education networks in the country to support up to 100 gigabits per second (Gbps). A connection to MOREnet's backbone includes full, committed bandwidth, technical support for your connection, router, circuit monitoring and incident response support from our cyber security operations team.
  • A la carte services - We offer a variety of a la carte services to complement the technical needs of your organization in areas of Disaster Recovery, Cloud-based services, Communication Tools, Mobile Videoconferencing, Learning Management Systems and more. For more information on all of our services, please visit our service listing.

Service Package Comparison

Services Full Membership Service Package Basic Membership Service Package Connectivity Package
E-rate Support and Consulting • • •
Consortium Discounts • • •
EES Consortium Pricing • •  
Discussion List Set-up and Subscriptions • •  
Online Resources
EBSCO Online Resources • •  
LearningExpress Library Online Resources • •  
HeritageQuest Online Resources • •  
Technical Services
Network Consulting Unlimited 10 hours per year  
Zoom Video Licenses Between 10-150 accounts included, depending on organization size Available at less than suggested retail  
watch.more.net Streaming and Storage Up to 50 GB media storage as well as 1 TB live streaming per month Available for an additional fee  
Videoconference End-point Bridging and Support Unlimited 50 bridging hours per year  
Wireless Assessments*** Priced below industry average Priced below industry average  
Network Assessment*** Verbal recommendations included, written report available for an additional charge Verbal recommendations included, written report available for an additional charge  
Technical Training and Professional Development
Web Seminars and Online Training Unlimited Unlimited  
Classroom Training Unlimited Available for a per-person fee  
In-service Training at Member Sites*** Unlimited Available for a per-person fee  
MOREnet Internet Connectivity Services
Domain Name Services • • •
E-rate Filing     •
Network Security and Cyber Security Operations Support**, *** Network Security Webinars and Training Network Security Webinars •
Proactive blocking of known malware sites     •
Internet2     •
Network Monitoring     •

**Members with connectivity through MOREnet have full access to network security services. Members without a MOREnet-managed connection receive network security services as part of their membership package selection.

***Members pay travel expenses when scheduling MOREnet network, security or professional development staff on-site.

FY18 Member Fees

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FY18 Pricing, effective July 1, 2017

Pricing Tier K-12 Schools (public and private) Libraries (tax revenue) Higher Education Affiliates** Basic MSP, One-year Term, Annual Fee Basic MSP, Three-year Term, Annual Fee Full MSP, One-year Term, Annual Fee Full MSP, Three-year Term, Annual Fee
1   0-$24,999     $538 $429 $828 $662
2 Up to 249 Students $25,000-$124,999     $746 $507 $1,148 $901
3 250 - 499 Students $125,000-$249,999   Non-profit and UM affiliates $3,444 $2,927 $4,248 $3,716
4 500 - 999 Students $250,000-$399,999 Less than 1,500 student FTE   $6,365 $5,543 $7,614 $6,768
5 1,000 - 1,999 Students   1,500 - 4,999 student FTE   $9,166 $8,055 $10,832 $9,690
6 2,000 - 3,999 Students $400,000-$999,999 5,000 - 9,999 student FTE   $12,173 $10,751 $14,292 $12,830
7 4,000 or more Students $1,000,000 or more 10,000 or more student FTE   $15,149 $13,420 $17,714 $15,936

**Custom pricing will be provided for Affiliate-eligible organizations with more than 750 full-time employees.

View data sources for annual billing.

Additional Service Fees*

Members selecting the Basic Membership Service Package may purchase additional services as needed.

Additional Service Pricing

Videoconference end-point bridging hour $10 per hour per site
Classroom training $100 per attendee per full day
$50 per attendee per half day
Network consulting $117 per hour
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Network Connectivity Fee (NCF)

Even with upgrades to our fiber and equipment this past year, we are able to reduce the Network Connectivity Fee for FY18.

The NCF is based on the bandwidth for each connection you receive from MOREnet. It covers the costs related to bringing member connections into the MOREnet backbone, Internet access, support of the MOREnet backbone, cybersecurity services and access to Internet2.

FY18 Network Connectivity Fee Schedule (July 1, 2017 - June 30, 2018)

Bandwidth FY18 Annual Network Fee
1.5 Mbps $1,255
3 Mbps $1,785
4.5 Mbps $2,095
5 Mbps $2,195
6 Mbps $2,400
9 Mbps $3,015
10 Mbps $3,220
12 Mbps $3,470
15 Mbps $3,845
20 Mbps $4,480
25 Mbps $5,155
30 Mbps $5,830
40 Mbps $7,180
45 Mbps $7,855
50 Mbps $8,555
60 Mbps $9,755
70 Mbps $10,955
80 Mbps $12,155
100 Mbps $14,495
130 Mbps $17,345
150 Mbps $17,345
200 Mbps $17,345
250 Mbps $17,345
300 Mbps $29,595
350 Mbps $29,595
400 Mbps $29,595
450 Mbps $29,595
500 Mbps $29,595
600 Mbps $41,856
750 Mbps $41,856
800 Mbps $49,575
1 Gbps $49,575
2 Gbps $59,600
For connections above 2 Gbps, contact your member service advisor at orders@more.net for pricing.
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Managed Connection Fee (MCF)

REAL pricing as shown assumes level funding for the FY18 REAL Program, which is part of House Bill 12. Any change in the REAL Program funding level for FY18 will change the pricing that REAL members are responsible for.

We are proud to be enhancing our Managed Connection service to ensure that you will always have the appropriate router and maintenance coverage, at no additional cost. The MCF is required for all MOREnet-managed connections. Services included with the Managed Connection Fee:

  • Site router
  • Router management
  • Connection utilization information (MRTG and NetFlow)
  • After-hours connection monitoring
  • MOREnet members choosing to purchase connectivity through MOREnet have full access to network security and cyber security services. Any member choosing the non-connected option will access network security as part of their Membership Service Package
  • Vendor management and trouble repair coordination
  • Circuit procurement services, including bid development and vendor negotiations

FY18 Managed Connection Fee (MCF):

 $1,299 for each MOREnet-managed connection

On termination of a member's Internet connection, all MOREnet-owned equipment must be returned. The member may be responsible for replacement fees for equipment that is not returned in a timely manner or that is damaged by the member.