FY20 Nonprofit, Agency and Health Care Pricing

Nonprofit//Agency Affiliates Affiliates Affiliates Affiliates
Price Tier Full-time Employees Annual Fee (1-Year Term**) Basic MSP Annual Fee (1-Year Term**) Basic MSP Annual Fee (3-Year Term***) Full MSP Annual Fee (1-Year Term**) Full MSP Annual Fee (3-Year Term***)
1 Up to 750 Full-time Employees $900 $3,616 $3,063 $4,460 $3,902
1 750 Full-time Employees or more Call Call Call Call Call

*The Nonprofit/Agency Membership Service Package is crafted for the small nonprofit organization and local government entities and does not contain all the services our Basic and Full Membership Service Packages will provide. For a detailed service listing of our Nonprofit/Agency MSP visit our website.

**The one-year term will be automatically renewed each year based on current pricing and student count.

***The three-year term locks in the tier and price for three consecutive years. It is a great way to lock in prices to avoid any rate changes.