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You are continuing to evolve with the ever-changing consumer dynamics through telemedicine and online clinics. Whether your technology focus is online scheduling, remote robotics and video conferencing, or EHR, MOREnet has laid the groundwork to ensure the network infrastructure is available at the moment you need it. Zoom licenses give smaller health care providers encrypted videoconferencing that can be used for direct patient care, patient education and more. Get started by downloading the participation agreement.

Included with our Zoom Health Care Membership Service Package:

  • Five Zoom licenses, supporting encrypted connections with HIPAA-appropriate settings
  • Access to other Zoom products at member pricing
  • Access to bridging other videoconferencing solutions with Zoom

This package is $150 per year and includes five (5) zoom licenses, encrypted that support HIPAA compliance. Additional licenses are $36 per license per year.

Email Matt Parris for more information!  Click here for Membership Service Package pricing

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