Joining REAL

Eligibility Requirements

Any tax-supported public library will be eligible to participate in the General Assembly-funded portions of the program. A tax-supported library is any library that is funded in whole or in part through either dedicated tax revenue, as in a property tax-supported library district, or the general revenue of a political subdivision of the state, as in a municipal library supported from the general revenue of the city. The minimum requirements for tax support to be eligible to receive state aid also apply to this program.

In addition, participants must meet the following qualifications.

  • Provide at a minimum two computer workstations. The computer workstations must be at least a 2.9 GHz processor with at least 4 GB RAM and 250 GB hard disk space. Machines must have Microsoft Windows 7 or greater. Funding may be available through an LSTA grant for securing additional needed computer workstations. If you do not have two workstations that meet the minimum requirements, please contact Debbie Musselman at the Missouri State Library at (800) 325-0131.
  • The workstations must be connected together. 
  • The library commits to providing public computer and Internet access within six months of receiving the connection.
  • Designate up to four library staff members as MOREnet contacts. Contacts are designated to request services from MOREnet and are the channel for communications regarding program-related information. Contacts are required to attend basic Internet training at the MOREnet Training offices in Columbia, MO. The REAL program will cover all travel expenses. Additional information on responsibilities of contacts is available in REAL Contact Information.
  • Completion of an E-rate Form 479 (CIPA Compliance) and Letter of Agency to enable MOREnet to file for E-rate for telecommunications services received by the library.

Application Process

To join the REAL program, please complete the application form and mail it to Missouri State Library, ATTN: Janet Caruthers/REAL Program, 600 W. Main St., Jefferson City MO 65102.

Please contact Jeanne Sullivan with MOREnet at (800) 509-6673 if you have any questions about this application

The REAL Program is funded by an appropriation in HB12. This appropriation is made to the office of the Secretary of State and is administered by the Missouri State Library.