Zoom Video Conferencing: Alternate Licensing Options

  • Published: Tuesday, Dec. 18, 2018

By now, many of you know the benefits of Zoom video conferencing. Whether you use the tool for virtual face-to-face meetings, solving IT issues through screen sharing or integrating it with your LMS for classroom management, you likely find the free accounts with your Full Membership Service Package quite valuable.

The platform is simple to use, consists of high quality video and you only need one license per conversation- not a license for everyone in the virtual meeting. If you haven’t yet taken advantage of the complimentary accounts that come with your Full Membership Service Package, be sure to contact us to get those set up.

A couple members have told us they are interested in more than the 75-150 free accounts (depending on your school size), and are considering full deployment. If you want to learn more about full deployment, email [email protected]

Full deployment would mean that all students receive a pro license if all FTE (faculty and staff) are outfitted with Zoom licenses. Meetings will have up to a 500-person capacity and all faculty and staff would have access to Cloud Room Connectors. With enough interest in this model, we will work with Zoom to develop an aggressive pricing model.