OverDrive’s MOREnet Shared Digital Collection Discount

  • Published: Monday, Oct. 15, 2018

OverDrive is a premium digital content (eBooks, digital audiobooks and streaming video) repository available for purchase by MOREnet K-12 members in a shared collection or for their own standalone library collections.

K-12 member districts with less than 10,000 FTE can participate in the MOREnet Shared Digital Collection and will receive a rebate on their OverDrive purchases. The rebate will be used to purchase additional content that will be added to the MOREnet Shared Digital Collection. Any MOREnet member who meets the requirements and is participating in this program will have access to the MOREnet Shared Digital Collection.

K-12 member districts with 10,000 or more FTE will have the option to use their rebates to purchase additional content for their own district collections. They will not be eligible to participate in the shared collection. Schools with FTE of less than 10,000 can also choose to not join the shared collection and instead use the rebate to purchase additional titles for their district’s collection, just as the larger districts can.

For detailed information on OverDrive, including how it can assist your organization, visit our website . Prices and the order form can be found behind MyMOREnet, our members-only portal.