The Future of Cybersecurity-2019

  • Published: Wednesday, Jan. 2, 2019

What trends can we expect to see in cybersecurity for 2019? We will take a look at 2 major trends: data privacy and protection and the threat landscape.

With the enforcement of the GeneralData Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the European Union in May 2018the United States has been forced to closely examine the way that we use and store personal data. We can expect to see more regulation and public sentiment to drive data protection policies.

Efforts to mainstream multi-factor authentication will become the norm. Browser enhancements and vendor enforced validations will become standardized.

As we examine last year’s changing threat landscape we can see a clear emergence of illegal cryptocurrency mining. Ransomware started 2018 with a powerful punch but has subsided a bit. The popularity of harvesting a user’s computational resources and power through cryptojacking has taken a drastic lead.

Phishing will remain a major player in 2019. We can expect to see more targeted phishing (spear phishing)schemes that are getting even craftier and stealthy in the way that the attackers will compromise your personal data and systems.

Many of the leaders in technology (Microsoft, Apple, Google) are expected to release advanced threat protection (ATP) products into their mainstream collections. Improved threat protection is becoming a major factor for organizations. And continuous risk assessment is key.

Can we expect nations to come together to set some rules for cyber warfare? It’s highly unlikely. No rules exist today and likely won’t be addressed until a very major change in global politics happens.

There will be many other trends to watch; breaches, attacks, cloud security, IoT, and a rise in cyber security professionals.

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