CEO Spotlight: International Women’s Day

  • Published: Friday, March 8, 2019

Today is International Women’s Day, an annual recognition of the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women.  This year’s #WomensDay theme is “Think Equal. Build Smart. Innovate for Change.”  Personifying that theme is MOREnet’s Executive Director, Natasha Angell.

Think Equal:

MOREnet members have come to expect excellence, relying on the organization to be an extension of their local tech team.  MOREnet’s success is due in large part to the friendly, knowledgeable and accessible subject matter experts who make personal connections with our members. Regardless of their own IT staff resources, our staff are available to answer questions and provide technical guidance to ensure timely and relevant solutions.

Through a pilot-program, MOREnet employees enjoy a flexible work environment that exemplifies the importance of achieving business goals while prioritizing a work-life balance.  Practicing a modified version of, the Results Only Work Environment focuses on accountability and responsibility for meeting objectives, and takes the focus off the time clock.  In this work environment, our member is the center of all decisions, and employees find their own best way to balance work and family to allow priorities to thrive.

In this organizational culture, women, people with disabilities and those who desire logistical work accommodations are in an environment where they are positioned to succeed; it’s all about the results.

Build Smart:

Technology is ever-changing, always adjusting the way we live, the tools we use and forcing us to constantly reset our expectations.  Natasha coaches her teams to be intentional about product development and service delivery.  Under Natasha’s leadership, MOREnet developed the MOREnet Immersive Learning Lab (The MILL), which serves as a student-centered collaborative space for exploration and hands on learning for STEM and makerspace concepts.

Her teams have negotiated numerous value-added consortium discounts and leveraged public procurement to enable cost-saving technology solutions for consortium members, while continuing to ensure products and services support our members’ missions and keeping customer service as the highest priority.

Innovate for Change:

Understanding both internal and external factors that influence decisions, Natasha made it a priority to reduce the cost for academia and public sectors for access to a robust, reliable broadband connection and the numerous value-adding services around that connection, including a team of experts available to support its security and overall performance. Recently, the organization announced unprecedented network fee reductions.  Starting July 1, schools, libraries and government entities connected to MOREnet’s broadband network will realize an average fee reduction of more than 24% on their MOREnet connection.

According to Natasha, “To ensure we are here for you for years to come, it’s imperative from time to time to re-evaluate business practices.” She went on to add, “We are so proud of the impact each of you have on your local community and are honored to be your technology partner for the long haul.”

Natasha took over the reins of the state’s research and education network in January of 2018, after serving as a member of the MOREnet executive team for more than twelve years. Learn more about our executive leadership team on our website.