Google Science Journal – New Features

  • Published: Monday, April 15, 2019

The training team works hard to stay on top of changes in all things ed tech. Recently Bob Martin came across new features in Google Science Journal.


If you are a Google School and your science teachers don’t know about Google Science Journal, they should!  Google Science Journal is a fantastic tool for taking field journal notes, tracking experiments, taking pictures AND, probably the most fun and geeky part is that if you are using a mobile device like a phone or tablet, you can get direct access to all of the sensor readings on that device.  Need to measure the amount of light or noise?  No problem.  How about a magnetometer, accelerometer or compass?  It’s got that too (depending on the device)!  And there are tons of experiments that you can access through the app. It’s pretty amazing.

This used to be accessible only through the app on devices.  However as of today, you can now save your experiments to, and access them, from Google Drive.  This is all brand new and we are still trying to figure out what it all means but the good news is you can now access experiments from anywhere.  As a teacher you can still send them to Google Classroom but now you can share them from Drive and do things like take notes on your mobile device or phone and then open them on your Chromebook (no PC preview for Chrome yet).  We are testing what you can do with a shared experiment currently and will update you with what we find!

In order to give your teachers and students access to this tool, school Google Administrators will need to go into the admin panel and then go into Apps and then Additional Google Services.  Scroll down to Science Journal and check the box to turn it on.  Save and then let teachers and students know.  It is automatic at that point.  They will be asked the next time they open Science Journal if they want to connect to Drive and then all of their Science Journal content will save to Drive.  They can also choose to start saving from this point forward or pick the projects they want to save.

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