Why it’s time to move on from Internet Explorer

Many users are moving to Microsoft Edge, here’s why.

  • Published: Thursday, May 2, 2019

Many users are moving to Microsoft Edge, here’s why.

If you’re viewing this blog post using Internet Explorer, you’ve probably noticed that our new website doesn’t exactly look nice. While that is ONE reason why it’s time to find a new browser, there are a few others we’d like to mention as well.

Microsoft doesn’t support IE 7,8 or 10 anymore.

In January of 2016, Microsoft stopped supporting old versions of Internet Explorer. This means no new security updates have been released and they do not provide technical support for the browser. Regular security updates are essential in keeping your information safe on the internet and preventing attacks on your company. Updating to a supported browser will help prevent unnecessary vulnerabilities.

IE doesn’t display most websites properly.

Internet Explorer uses a different way to read webpages than most other browsers, making it difficult for web developers to make websites look consistent in the browser. Rather than using special coding so it displays properly on the IE platform, most developers are no longer taking the time to worry about how the webpage looks on Internet Explorer. In addition, most web apps are not supported on Internet Explorer. By continuing to use Internet Explorer, you are limiting what you can do and see on the internet as a whole.

It is slow.

Internet Explorer is notoriously slower than other browsers because of the various reasons listed above. Rather than waiting and waiting for your webpage to load, hop on a new browser and quickly move from page to page.

What browser do you have?

Not sure which browser you have? Head to https://www.whatismybrowser.com/ to find out. The site will also inform you if your browser is up to date. Be sure to update your browser if you are using an out of date version to ensure maximum security.

Looking for a new browser?

If you've been using Internet Explorer your whole life, you may not be aware of the other browser options available to you. Here are a few we suggest:

  1. Microsoft Edge – Microsoft didn’t just stop providing a web browser, they developed Microsoft Edge instead. It is faster, safer, and more reliable than Internet Explorer with continued support and security updates.
  2. Google Chrome – Chrome is the most widely used browser and works on nearly all devices. Since it is so popular, you can count on it to be reliable. In addition, Chrome supports a variety of extensions and customization options.
  3. Firefox – Another popular choice that is fast and reliable is Firefox. Firefox has advanced privacy tools as and works with nearly all platforms.

To get the most out of the new MOREnet website and to ensure your security while surfing other websites, be sure to update to a well-supported and reliable browser.

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