Understanding k12.mo.us Domain

  • Published: Wednesday, July 3, 2019

MOREnet is the IANA designated registrar for the k12.mo.us domain. Although we are the registrar, we do not own the domain.  Any Missouri K12 institution can register a [something].k12.mo.us domain with MOREnet.  You do not have to be a MOREnet member to use a k12.mo.us domain, but your [something].k12.mo.us domain must be registered through MOREnet and cannot be transferred to another registrar. There is no charge to register for a k12.mo.us domain.


MOREnet is the IANA designated registrar for the following domains in Missouri:


                .k12.mo.us          -- State Funded Public Schools

                .pvt.k12.mo.us  -- Private Schools

                .cc.mo.us             -- Community Colleges

                .tec.mo.us          -- Technical and Vocational Schools

                .lib.mo.us            -- State Funded Libraries


Also, MOREnet has the rights to, and is the registrar for, the .missouri.org domain.


Registering a domain with a registrar, and hosting the domain (technically ‘hosting the DNS’) are two different things.

Sometimes the registrar will ~also~ host your DNS, but that’s not a requirement. You can have someone else host the DNS.


If you are a MOREnet member, MOREnet can also host your DNS. 

If you’re not a MOREnet member, someone else will have to host your DNS


If you have a domain outside of k12.mo.us and you are a MOREnet member, then MOREnet can host your DNS.

So for example, if you purchased the right to use the domain hopskotchia-K12.org from another registrar, and are a MOREnet member, then MOREnet could host your DNS.