Raspberry Pi 4 Released

  • Published: Wednesday, Aug. 7, 2019

A new version of the Rasberry Pi single board computer (SBC) has been released and is now on sale. SBCs in general, and the Rasberry Pi in particular, have become increasingly popular in education and makerspaces.

The Rasberry Pi 4 has improved specs over the previous version, including more powerful graphics and a faster processor. Also, the Pi 4 can have one, two or four GB of RAM. This new version is also capable of supporting dual 4K displays and boasts two USB 3 ports.

You can find more information at the Rasberry Pi Foundation. The one GB model starts at $35, with the two and four GB models coming in at $45 and $55, respectively. As with previous versions, you'll need an SD card with an operating system or NOOBS, a power supply, a monitor, a keyboard and a mouse.

We suspect many Missouri educators will use the Raspberry Pi as they implement computer science standards. Join us at MOREnet trainings that uses Raspberry Pi in the context of makerspaces, coding and more. Visit our training schedule to find classes and register.