Computer Science Education Week is December 9-15

  • Published: Monday, Dec. 2, 2019

Computer Science Education Week is December 9-15 this year. Fortunately, there are a variety of free resources that allow for easy entry into coding and are perfect for Hour of Code.’s hour of code theme this year is a fun one; check out Dance Party. Even if you don’t have access to computers or mobile devices, there are also unplugged activities that you can do with your students or patrons.

One of our favorite introduction to coding platforms is Scratch by MIT. They have resources specifically for educators, and the ScratchEd team from Harvard has developed a Creative Computing Curriculum. If bandwidth is an issue, check out the offline version of Scratch.

Google’s CS First is another free, fun resource that does not require any computer science experience; Google also has free curriculum. Google’s Hour of Code theme this year is Code Your Hero.

Apple’s Swift Playgrounds is a great resource if you have iPads. The Swift Playgrounds Hour of Code Facilitator’s Guide and the Swift Coding Club contain a wealth of ideas to get you coding in no time. Looking for something a little different. Check out the Everyone Can Code Puzzles Student Guide and the accompanying Teacher Guide.

Don’t forget that the MOREnet training team is conducting regional computer science training sessions this school year. These hands-on sessions are open to all Missouri educators. Check back often as more classes will be available soon.