Computing Jobs in Missouri

  • Published: Thursday, Dec. 12, 2019

The demand for workers who can fill computing jobs in Missouri far outstrips the available computer science graduates. There are currently 8.438 open computing jobs in the state, 2.7 times the average demand in Missouri. In 2017, 1,378 students graduated from Missouri colleges and universities with degrees in computer science.

These jobs are high paying, with an average yearly salary of more than $81,000. That's about 75 percent more than the state's average salary. The existing open jobs alone represent more than $691 million in terms of salary.

According to a representative survey from Google/Gallup, Missouri school administrators in support expanding computer science education opportunities; 71 percent of principals surveyed think computer science is just as or more important than required core classes. And one of their biggest barriers to offering computer science is the lack of funds for hiring and training teachers.