Getting an Internet Connection at Home

  • Published: Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Internet connectivity was the first service MOREnet offered back in the early 90s. Members with Internet connectivity through us receive network and threat monitoring, connection management, E-rate assistance, cybersecurity support, DDoS mitigation, incident response services and have access to charts and graphs to show real-time network utilization. That said, as the state’s research and education network, we only provide connectivity to academia and public sector. We do not connect residential or commercial entities.

As remote working and learning has become our “new normal” for the next several weeks, we’ve been receiving a lot of questions about connectivity for people in their homes.

These resources were shared with us, and we are just passing them along to you. We have not vetted the details of any provider’s offer, but encourage you to do so. We are interested in hearing if people in your area are able to utilize the contact information to connect at home.

If you live in an area where Mediacom is available, please contact them at (855) 904-2225 or visit this link. Mediacom currently offers a $9.95 per month internet connection for residences without internet. To see if you qualify for Mediacom, please visit this link.

If you live in an area where Charter/Spectrum is available, please contact them at (844) 488-8395 or visit this link. Charter/Spectrum is currently offering free internet for 60 days for residences without internet. After 60 days, there is a monthly charge, but you can cancel with no charge before 60 days. To see if you qualify for Charter/Spectrum, please visit this link.

If you live in an area where Comcast/Internet Essentials is available, please contact them or visit this link. hey are offering free internet for two months.

For those in the AT&T coverage area, they have plans that start at $5 per month, with others at $10 per month, with no installation fee, deposit or commitment. To be eligible, at least one person in the household must be a participant in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).

Households with K-12 students, college students or senior citizens in the Socket service area have access to 90 days of free connectivity. The offer is for residential, fiber Internet service only and must be a new customer and claimed before April 30, 2020 Call (573) 817-0000.

Beyond connectivity at home, the FCC has taken some actions that may be able to help students at home:

FCC has waived the gift rules during the COVID-19 outbreak, until September 30, 2020. This waiver will allow health care providers, schools, and libraries to accept improved capacity, Wi-Fi hotspots, networking gear, or other equipment or services to support doctors and patients, teachers and students, and librarians and patrons during the coronavirus outbreak. For example, some providers have expressed interest in providing free network upgrades for hospitals that need more robust connections to treat patients via telemedicine and free connected devices and hotspots for students who will be taking classes at home. This waiver will enable them to do such things.
FCC confirmed community use of E-Rate supported wi-fi connections permitted on school campus and library property during school and library closures. This confirmation gave schools and libraries reassurance that their connection, if partially funded by federal funds, can be open to the public who may need to access WiFi from their parking lots. Each individual school and library will establish their own policies regarding use of their network during closures, including hours of use.