Online Resources Remote Access

  • Published: Thursday, March 26, 2020

MOREnet has worked with EBSCO Publishing to make remote access more easily available, so you can better serve the needs of your students, patrons, staff and faculty with remote access to EBSCOhost and LearningExpress Library.


  1. All organizational username/password combinations that were set to expire between March 18, 2020, through Dec. 30, 2020, are now extended until Dec. 31, 2020. Any member whose password expired before March 18, 2020, will need to have their credentials reset. Please contact MOREnet Technical Support at [email protected] for credential resets and for expiration dates for organizational username/password combinations for EBSCOhost.
  2. Personal Account remote login and Google Account remote login methods are available for all institution accounts. Login expiration values have been reset from 90 days to 365 days for all an institution’s accounts. These options function as follows:
    1. Users log into EBSCOhost with an organizational authentication method, such as IP address when on site, or remotely, with organizational username/password, library card patterned authentication, referring URL authentication, proxy authentication, etc.
    2. After product authentication, users will click the "Sign In" option, normally located at the top right of the EBSCOhost searching interface. They will then be given the option to login by Google ID or username/password. If this is the first time that the user has ever established a personal account, they need to scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the "Don’t have an account? Create one now" option. At that time, the user will be able to either sign in with Google to establish their account or fill in the available fields to establish a personal account.
    3. If a user has previously established a personal account and cannot remember their password, they can use the reset password option and enter their established username or email address.
    4. The user will complete the registration or the login process, and they will have access to the MyEBSCOhost personal folder where they will be able to save search results and searches. In the background, they will also be registered to use their personal or Google account credentials for one year.
      1. Please note: in cases where the institution uses institution-specific, customized URLs for authentication, such as calls to library card authentication, they will not get that initial username/password or Google login screen. In this case, the user should still be authenticating through library card, as they usually do. Most public libraries use the patterned library card authentication option.
    5. If a user has already registered and used the personal user account/Google account authentication for some time and now receives an error that they cannot login remotely, chances are that their personal/Google account needs to be refreshed by using an organizational authentication method, such as organizational username/password. When inside the EBSCOhost interface, they will use the sign in option with personal or Google account, and this should reset the day count on their personal/Google account registration.
    6. If advanced troubleshooting of personal/Google account authentication is necessary, all registered personal and Google accounts can be seen and renewed in EBSCOadmin. Contact MOREnet Technical Support at [email protected] for assistance with troubleshooting personal/Google account authentication or to obtain an EBSCOadmin login. Please note that MOREnet Technical Support can adjust the login expiration for personal/Google account login to a lower value than 365 days if an institution requests. Additional information on Google authentication in EBSCOhost is available at

LearningExpress Library

  1. Auth-token URLs, which provide an open gateway for registration of new LEL accounts, are available for each member organization. These URLs must be used in a controlled way, either on a student or faculty portal that requires login, or auth-token URLs can be distributed through email or other individualized text-based communication, with the express understanding that the auth-token URL is not to be posted or shared with anyone outside of that specific member organization. Auth-token URLs do not expire. Please contact MOREnet Technical Support at [email protected] for an auth-token URL.
  2. EBSCO does have the ability to create accounts by batch upload to the LearningExpress Library system through an Excel file. The file must include each user’s full name, email address and password (password requirements: 8-32 characters, alphanumeric without any spaces). MOREnet Technical Support will work with the LEL support team at EBSCO to get accounts loaded into their systems. We are attentive to your security, and should discuss proper security when transferring Excel files to MOREnet and from MOREnet to EBSCO. It would probably be safest to use unique LEL passwords instead of providing passwords of student portals, network logins, etc. Contact [email protected] to start this process.

For assistance with establishing remote access to MOREnet-managed online resources or if you have general questions about online resources, please contact MOREnet Technical Support at [email protected] or (800) 509-6673, and follow the prompts to Technical Support.