Safe and Secure-Working Remotely

  • Published: Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Parents, students and workers are finding themselves in the situation of having to perform their work and education from the confines of their homes, thanks to the COVID-19 crisis. For many, this is a new and different discipline. Besides the shift of normal operations there are other considerations to take into account. There are safety and security concerns that you should take to protect yourself, your family and your home network. 

For the kids

You may want to download some of these resources to help educate kids on proper etiquette and safety when working online: These resources contain parent-child agreements and information about cyberbullying, passwords and scams.

For the Parents

Besides helping the kids with their scholarly activities you may want to look into some best practices for your self in order to stay safe online. Though there are many benefits with social media postings and conversations it is important to be aware of the many dangers associated with those as well, including scams, phishing and stalking..

 For the remote Worker

Make sure that you are following your organization’s compliancy standards and policies. Request assistance from your IT department if you have any questions or need security procedures implemented such as a VPN for accessing critical or sensitive resources. Keep your machine patched and anti-virus up-to-date. Make sure to alert your IT department for any suspicious or unusual activity.


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